Backstage Options - Session Settings

Disable race finish calculation

When True: disables calculations for the forward predictions. This allows the software to process data much quicker and can be helpful to speed up replays of data-heavy races to a certain point.

Enforced number of pit stops

The number of stops to be used by the strategy prediction calculation when the number is fixed (see below)

Enforced number of pit stops enabled

When True: forces the forward strategy predictions to use the number of stops that have been manually defined.

Enforced pit stop time

If the Pit Stop Time Mode (see below) is set to User Defined Fixed, then this is the value that will be enforced. This should be set to the total time lost for doing a normal full service pit stop relative to a normal green flag lap.

Fixed stint length

If the maximum stint lengths are defined by driving time (such as Blancpain GT Series) then this is where the maximum stint length that is used for the forward strategy projections is defined. This is utilised to the fixed stint length projections.

Pit stop time mode

Defines the "mode" the software will use to determine the length of future stops for the forward strategy projections. The following options are available:

  • User defined fixed (see Enforced pit stop time above)
  • Average of history (uses the average of all previous green flag stops on a per car basis)
  • VLN rules (only relevant for VLN events)
  • Calculated: It uses the stop and go time from the track project options, the refuel rate from either the backstage or the track project item, the time for tyre/driver change from the backstage and fuel/tyres in parallel from the championship config. At each stop it fills the amount of fuel needed and ALWAYS changes tyres/driver.

Race finish mode

Used to define the end of race condition. The following options are available:

  • When leader finishes
  • When time elapses

In most series the appropriate setting will be "When leader finishes". VLN/N24 is an example of when you would use "When time elapses" due to the length of the lap.

Race length mode

Used to define the length of the race. The following options are available:

  • Time
  • Distance
  • Time & Distance

Depending on if the race is time or distance limited this setting should be obvious. In cases where the race length is defined as when either a certain time or distance is reached (which ever occurs first), Time & Distance should be used. In the case of the Time & Distance setting the estimated race finish type can be shown in the main scoreboard as an optional column.

Session length (hours)

If race length is time limited the race time can be entered here.

Total number of laps to be completed (if distance limited)

If race length is distance limited the race distance can be entered here.

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