Backstage Options - Track Map Highlighting

Car Highlighting

Cars of interest can be "highlighted on track maps to make them easier to find when checking quickly. Multiple cars can be highlighted if needed. If a car is highlighted:

  • The colour of the car is set to be the car colour as opposed to the class colour which it is by default
  • An arrow points to the highlighted
  • The focus car has priority and is rendered on top of other cars that are close together

Example: Car #51

In the top image, car #51 is not highlighted. In lower image, it is.

Settings in Backstage Options

Any cars that you wish to follow should have their number input. Note that you can enter multiple cars as a comma separated list. You must set the checkbox to enable car following on track map to be true.

Settings in Ribbon Bar

  • Car scaling, size of cars can be modified
  • Arrow size, changes the size of the arrow used for car following

Time Lost Ghost Cars

The track map highlighting options allow to draw the “Fuel” and “Fuel & Tyre” cars on the track map. These cars represent the projected track position of the cars after a pit stop, if you pitted on this lap. There are two calculations available:

  • Basic (fixed)
  • Advanced (refuel time compensated)


The ghost cars are set with a fixed time offset to your current position on track. These should represent the total time loss relative to a normal green flag lap for completing this stop type (Fuel or Fuel & Tyres).

If you will loose:

  • 111.8s for a Fuel and Tyres stop, and
  • 44.8s for a Fuel only stop

The settings in the backstage options shown below are what you should use:


The advanced method updates your projected track position after a stop based on the amount of fuel you will need to add at the next stop. The loss of a Stop & Go and changing tyres are considered also.

If you will loose:

  • 41.8s to complete a Stop & Go in the pit lane (including the time to connect fuel rig)
  • 18.5s to change tyres
  • 1.1s for every lap worth of fuel you have to fill with the fuel rig

The settings in the backstage and track item options shown below are what you should use:

Calculation Explanation

If Fuel & Tyres can NOT be changed in parallel:

Fuel Ghost Offset = Stop & Go Pit Loss + Number of laps still last pit stop * Seconds to add to pit stop per lap of stint length

If Fuel & Tyre can be changed in parallel:

Fuel & Tyres Ghose Offset = Stop & Go Pit Loss + max(Number of laps still last pit stop * Seconds to add to pit stop per lap of stint length, Time for tyre and driver change)

So if the fuel fill will take longer than the tyre change, then the fuel fill will determine the stop time.

Note that the "Time lost for fuel and tyres pit stop" and "Time lost for fuel only pit stop" inputs are ignored in the Advanced mode.

The championship rules of whether fuel and tyres can be changed in parallel are important to get correct for the Advanced mode. 

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