Track Item

Track Item

The Track Item is where track specific configurations can be set. The Track Item can be accessed from the  project tree by double clicking.

When a new project is created a Default Track is created automatically, additional Track Items can be added from the  Components tab with the Add New Track button. This is helpful for keeping track specific information stored in your project without overwriting settings used in previous events 

Track Items can be transferred between projects using the Import Track button in the Components tab. The default path to find a Track Item from another project is:                             

  C:\Users\YOUR USER NAME\Documents\HH Timing\Projects\PROJECT NAME

Track Contours

Here the required track contour is selected. Track contours are built by HH Development, if the contour you need is not listed here please contact us.

Fuel Only Cutoff

The software has a function to automatically determine if a stop was "fuel only" or not based on the time spent in the pit lane. This is only relevant if fuel and tyres are not able to be changed at the same time in the championship of interest.

When the cutoff value is enabled output of the "fuel only" calculation is found in the last column of the Pit Stops section of the  Car Scoreboards.

Strategy Parameters

Strategy parameters relevant to future stints are defined here. For each parameter a value can be defined for a class or car, the behavior is common for all:

  • All cars in that category will have this setting enforced, unless:
  • A value is defined for a specific car, in which case the car value takes precedence
  • If no values are input here for a given class/car then the software makes an approximation based on the historical data in the current session

Number of Laps in Stint

The maximum stint length for future stint calculations. All cars will be assumed to run each of their stints to the maximum length. Using this data the fuel windows are displayed for each car in the  Strategy Overview.

Time to Refuel Each Lap of Fuel Burned

The fuel rig fuel rate in s/lap used for calculating the next fueling time for each car based on the length of the current stint which is useful for understanding who might pass who in the pit lane at the next stop. The fuel time is calculated by multiplying the number of laps (including the current) in the current stint by the refuel rate. This can be visualised in the  Main Scoreboard by adding the Estimated Refuel Time column. 

Lap Time for a Stint

The average lap time to be used for future stints can be manually defined here. If nothing is entered here the software will assume a pace equal to the average of the best 3 in the last 5 laps for each car individually.

Safety Car Fuel Factor

This value is used by the  Predicted Stint Lengths Calculation. If there are no full green stints for a car or a stint that is interrupted by a caution period and has more green laps compared to any other stint for that car the software will estimate a maximum green stint length for each car. This is determined by applying the Safety Car Fuel Correction factor for the number of laps each car spends under caution for that stint. This correction factor is the ratio expected consumption under caution compared to a green lap. The value should be less than 1, meaning that the car will use less fuel while under caution. It is a global variable and all cars are assumed to save the same ratio of fuel under the caution.

Maximum Driving Time Rules

These values are used by the  Blancpain Plugin to determine maximum driving time parameters for each driver.

Track Parameters

Stop and Go Pit Loss: This input defines the time loss for a Stop & Go compare to car on track. This is used by the software when the " Refuel Time Compensated" ghost car option is used to determine the time loss for the Stop & Go only.

Pit Lane Stop & Go Time: This input the defined the time it takes to go from Pit In to Pit Out while doing a Stop & Go in the box. This input is used to calculate the "Last Pit Stationary Time" column in the main scoreboard as well as the "Correct for pit lane time" option in the Pit Stop Scoreboard.

Pit not at start finish: Check it to TRUE if the pit lane is offset compare to the Start finish line. This is used for handling timing specificity at track where the pit lane is offset.

Allow first lap as best: At some event, depending on how the timing provider handle the first out lap in some session, the first lap in the timing is either considered the out lap or the first flying lap. This option allows you to choose if the software handles it as an OUT lap or a flying lap. This will impact the ranking of the cars in the scoreboard.

IN and OUT Lap ratio: The IN and OUT Lap ratio are lap time ratio between an average green lap time and the IN or OUT Lap time. Those values are used to improve the end of race calculations

In Lap Ratio = Average IN Lap time / Average Green Lap time with IN Lap Time going from S/F(track) to PIT IN

Out Lap Ratio = Average OUT Lap time / Average Green Lap time with OUT Lap Time going from PIT OUT to S/F(track)

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