Fixed Stint Lengths

In series where driving time tends to control the stint lengths, using the Fixed Stint Lengths mode is generally more suitable than using the Predicted Stint Lengths where the limiting factor is considered from a fuel perspective. The settings for the Fixed Stint Lengths can be found in the Session Settings backstage area.

The fixed stint length values are made use of primarily in the Strategy Overview to predict the future stints, the Main Scoreboard can also show values relevant to fixed stint lengths. In this case the average pace of the previous stints is used to calculate how many laps are likely going to be possible in the future stints of the race for each car. How these future stints fall between cars allows the user to understand the relative strategy implications for each car.

In the case below a Blancpain GT Endurance Series race is shown part way through with a maximum of stint time of 65 minutes. Each of the future stint lengths are based on the total average lap time of each car. Note that Cars 8 and 84 are predicted to be able to do 30 laps while every other car has a maximum of 29 laps.

By default the average of the best 3 in the last 5 green laps will be used to calculate the maximum stint length for each car individually. This can be overridden by enforcing an average lap time on a per class or per car basis in the Track Item.

When a new strategy overview is created the default future stint method is Predicted Stint Lengths. This is controlled in the strategy overview ribbon bar control as shown in the dropdown box below. To used the fixed stint length type change this value to the "Fixed Stint Lengths" option.

The following columns in the main scoreboard use the fixed stint lengths for their future predictions:

  • Fixed stint time remaining
  • Fixed stint num stops left
  • Fixed stint num laps left curr stint
  • Fixed stint num laps final stint
  • Fixed stint add info

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