Reporting - Viewing Reports

HTML reports will open automatically in your browser once they have been created.

Once of the benefits of using the reports is the ability to share timing information with people that do not have HH Timing. Both HTML and PDF reports are saved in the following directory after they are created:

Documents\HH Timing\Reporting

One of the benefits on the using the HTML reporting over using the PDF format is that a lot of flexibility is retained:

  • Cars can be highlighted in scoreboards
  • Scoreboards can be re-ranked by any column by clicking on the header
  • Graphs can be zoomed
  • Series can be highlighted and hidden from graphs

In the image below the control bar at the top of an HTML report is shown. The icon in the top right opens a contents page that allows skipping to a particular chapter/section without scrolling. The "i" icon open some basic help information relating to the reporting