Time Service

Live Feed

Time Service provide timing services for a number of championships. For customers using HH Timing, the most common is the Creventic series.

Time Service provide a timing feed that is accessible over the internet which means you will need a stable internet connection during each session. The inputs required to configure the Championship Configuration are shown in the image below. The protocol used is "Time Service Team Stream (SSL)". The user should ask for the following information from the timekeepers to ensure the connection is correctly configured:

  • Host
  • Port
  • key (like a unique password given to each team)

You can also change the value of Allow refresh parameter. If it is set to true, all the messages will be downloaded from Time Service Server. So even if you connect after the beginning of the session, you will get all laps from all cars, including laps completed before you connected. If it is set to false, you will only get data sent after your connection.

Once the championship has been configured correctly you can click the Connect button to connect to the live feed.

Post Session Static Data Import

The static data can be imported into HH Timing to use for analysis. Download the Sector analyse file (open format) from https://getraceresults.com site for the relevant session as shown below. 

1) Select Event:

2) Click on "Show Exports":

3) Choose the sector analyse file (open format - CSV) for the session you want to import:

4) In HH Timing, choose TimeService as file format in "Import T&S Data" and select the CSV file.

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