TSL Timing

Series Using TSL Timing

  • GT World Challenge America
  • GT World Challenge Asia
  • British GT
  • BTCC
  • Intercontinental GT Cup (Selected events)

Live Data Connection

Access to the timing feed is via the internet, tethering from a mobile phone connection is generally fine if circuit internet is not available.

You will need to make a new championship and select the TSL Protocol as shown below.

The Host and Port numbers should be requested from the timekeepers. Some of the series using TSL for timekeeping services require some credentials which are used to restrict access to the feed:

  • API Key
  • Shared Secret

You should check if these are required by the timekeeper and request as required.

Once this is complete you can click Connect in the data tab.

Post-Session Data

Post-session data is available from TSL. To get access to the data you must contact TSL and request access as they may not make it public. Once you have access you can import the timing data using the normal T&S data import. Note that if the results are made public they will generally be accessible from the relevant series' website.

If the downloaded files are the following, you should choose "sector Analysis.csv":

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