Router Configuration

For series where the timing feed comes over a network in pit lane, it is often a challenge to be able to receive both Internet and the timing feed over the same network.

We have found that using a business router such as an Ubiquiti Edge Router X configuration is a good, low-key solution.

Once acquired, the router needs to be setup in 4 parts:

  • Interfaces
  • Routing
  • DHCP
  • DNS Forwarding (Alkamel)

The setup page for the router can usually be accessed from

Timing access interface settings should be requested to the timing provider.

For timing provider that uses a DNS server, a setup of the DNS forwarding needs to be performed.

Internet access interface should be requested to the internet access provider.


  • Port Eth0 is for the Timing connection using a fixed IP address.
  • Port Eth1-Eth4 are the user connection and do not required special setup


  • Internet route via your Internet access interface (example
  • Timing route via the Timing interface (example


  • Set DNS 1 to the timing provider DNS (example
  • Set DNS 2 to Google DNS (

DNS Forwarding

  • Set forwarding DNS request on "eth0" to the Alkamel DNS via the timing connection.

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