Championship configuration

  • Protocol: Natsoft XML
  • Host:
  • Port: 8889

The user can decide to use the Micro Sectors as main sectors instead of the regular S1/S2/S3. To do switch the option in the additional options to True

In addition, the user would need to select the correct map contour:

Tyre compound

The colours for the tyre compound can now be controlled within the software. This can be found under the Strategy Overview option in the backstage under Tyre Specification Colours:

By default, the colours follow the Supercars convention (Soft "S" = BLACK and HARD "H" = ORANGE).

The current tyre compound can be shown on the Main Scoreboard using the Curr Tyres (Tyres on the car) and Prev Tyres (Tyres on the car during the last stint) column:

The same information can be found in the Car Scoreboard --> Stint Scoreboard

In addition, the compound information can be displayed in the strategy overview:

To configure the line you see on the strategy overview, You need to go to Select Parameters:

You can display them by compound colour by selecting the option:

Tip: By selecting only the Tyre Used, you can easily see the entire field:

List of Micro-sectors per track

The list of micro-sectors needs to be changed per track. The list from the table below needs to be copied into the cell in the championship configuration.

Adelaide I3,P1;P1,P2;P2,I1;I1,P3;P3,I2;I2,P4;P4,I3
Albert Park
Symmons Plains I3,P1;P1,P2;P2,I1;I1,P3;P3,I2;I2,P4;P4,I3
Phillip Island I3,P1;P1,P2;P2,I1;I1,P3;P3,I2;I2,P4;P4,I3
Perth I3,P1;P1,P2;P2,P3;P3,I1;I1,P4;P4,I2;I2,P5;P5,I3
Winton I3,P1;P1,P2;P2,I1;I1,P3;P3,I2;I2,P4;P4,I3
Darwin I3,P1;P1,P2;P2,I1;I1,P3;P3,P4;P4,I2;I2,P5;P5,P6;P6,I3
Townsville I3,P1;P1,P2;P2,I1;I1,P3;P3,P4;P4,I2;I2,P5;P5,I3
Ipswich I3,P2;P2,I1;I1,P3;P3,I2;I2,I3
Sydney I3,P1;P1,P2;P2,I1;I1,P3;P3,P4;P4,I2;I2,P5;P5,P6;P6,I3
Tailem Bend I3,P1;P1,P2;P2,P3;P3,I1;I1,P4;P4,I2;I2,P5;P5,P6;P6,I3
Sandown I3,P1;P1,I1;I1,P2;P2,I2;I2,P3;P3,I3
Bathurst I3,P1;P1,P2;P2,I1;I1,P3;P3,I2;I2,P4;P4,P5;P5,I3
Gold Coast I3,P1;P1,P2;P2,I1;I1,P3;P3,P4;P4,I2;I2,P5;P5,I3
Pukekohe I3,P1;P1,P2;P2,I1;I1,P3;P3,P4;P4,P5;P5,I2;I2,P6;P6,I3
Newcastle I3,P1;P1,P2;P2,I1;I1,P3;P3,P4;P4,I2;I2,P5;P5,P6;P6,I3

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