IMSA - Safety Car Wave-by

NOTE: This feature only works for the IMSA Weather Tech Championship

The safety car wave by feature has been added to assist the user with the wave by procedure.  The results are presented in two places: the main scoreboard and on the track maps (circle and full).  If the safety car is deployed (track status is yellow and a safety car has been detected) then each time a car crosses a sector line, its cross order relative to the safety car is recorded (SC Cross Order).  Based on this information two parameters are set:

SC Wave By: is a wave by currently allowed (i.e. is the current car in between the safety car and the class leader)

SC Pit For Wave By: if the car is a lap down, which cars on the lead lap need to pit for a wave by to become possible (i.e. which cars on the lead lap are between the car and the safety car).

There are three columns added to the scoreboard: SC Cross Order, SC Wave By and SC Pit For Wave By.

The information is also displayed on the track map (circle or full) for the selected cars.

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