Projects in HH Timing are used to store your configuration and timing and scoring data. When you create a new project you specify the location on your computer where it will be saved. HH Timing then creates a directory structure that will store all of your data. In HH Timing the project is represented in the Project tree.

Currently HH Timing projects are not designed to handle multiple championships. The intended scope of an HH Timing project is one championship. For each different championship that you want to use HH Timing in you will need to create a different project.

The Project Management tab on the Backstage can be used to create new projects, load existing projects and create template projects.

Project lifetime

The design goal of projects in HH Timing is to have a way to maintain a custom environment within the software each time it is used. For example, the colours of the cars are stored in the project so that each time you run the software the cars have the same colours. Because people use the software in multiple championships, it was necessary to introduce the notion of a project so that different configurations could be used for multiple championships. In addition to containing configuration data, the projects also contain all of the timing data that has been imported or recorded into the software. This data is stored in the form of “sessions”.

It is suggested a project be used for a single season, in a single championship. As car numbers are the primary identifier between cars in the software, this prevents issues with drivers being associated with cars incorrectly by using data from different championships/seasons in a single project.

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