Alkamel V2 Protocol

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The Al Kamel V2 Protocol is a JSON protocol that Al Kamel introduced in 2017.


You must obtain a user name and password from Al Kamel to be able to access this data. This information needs to be entered in the “Additional Options” area of the Championship Configuration in HH Timing.

There are 3 options for the GPS field: 

  • rgps: the real GPS position
  • gps: an estimated GPS position
  • no: if you don't want to use GPS

For the Record GPS field, select:

  • true if you want to save all GPS messages in the replay.
  • false if you don't want to save them.


FIA WEC, ELMS, FE On-Track timing3.aks
FIA WEC On-Cloud
IMSA On-Track timing-data.aks
IMSA On-Cloud

For IMSA, please select the AlKamel Premium IMSA protocol. This handles the FCY period as S/C.

Read History

You can now get the full history since the beginning of the session by adding an option "Read History" in the Additional Options.
As it will read the history of all completed laps, you might lose some information, like sectors or pit stops.

Additional loops (Specific championships)

In some championships, Al Kamel provided some additional loops that are not shown by default in HH Timing.

Users can define their own sectors using the timing loops provided by Al Kamel.  As can be seen in the following screenshot, these sectors are defined in the “Additional Options” grid.  The sector name (chosen by the user) is defined in the first column, and the second column defines the start and end timing loops for the sector, separated by a semi-column ";".

GPS track map (specific championships)

For the software to render the cars on the main track map by GPS data rather than the normal interpolation method this must be specified in the main track map ribbon bar control as shown below.


  1. The GPS data used to render the cars on the main track map is always available to the software when connected to the Premium protocol. No cars/classes need to be specified in the Additional Options.
  2. Track map highlighting such as ghost cars can't be displayed on a GPS based map. To display ghost cars, the user needs to revert to the traditional non-GPS track map by un-checking the check box.

GPS speed and driving line

The control to display the GPS Speed and the driving line can be accessed from the Ribbon Bar. Click on  Display and then on GPS Speed:

Laps can be selected to be displayed by using the Add Laps button. 

Most of the time, an offset needs to be applied when comparing the speed trace. To apply an offset, click on the lap you want to offset, and use the + and - on the Ribbon Bar.

Speed trace before offset:

Speed trace after offset:

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