Switching project

Sometimes there could be the need to create a clean project (New season,new event, issues with an older project,...). To do so while keeping the same configuration than a previous project the user have to follow those steps:

Template Project

To create a project empty of all data (sessions) but with all the cars color and templates:

  • Create a template project called "Template" for example from your old project.

To do so, go in the Backstage-->Project Management-->Create Template From Current Project

  • Create New Project and Select the template you just created

Import your layout

Go to Layout --> Import and you can go in the directory of the previous project in windows under Layouts and select the ones you want to import back

Import your excel export

Data --> Import Profile. In a similar way you can find it in the directory of the old project

Import track maps settings

This is if you are using track maps for strategy calculation


Report profile


Championship Configuration

If you were using non default championship configuration you can also bring them:

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