Asian Le Mans Series

Live Data Connection

To connect live to an Asian Le Mans Series event, you need to setup your championship configuration with the following parameters:


Protocol Time Service Team Stream (SSL)
Port Given by the timekeeping
Key Given by the timekeeping
Allow refresh True if you want to get all messages since the beginning of the session (useful if HH Timing wasn't start at the beginning of the session)

Post Session CSVs Data Import

The static data can be imported into HH Timing to use for analysis. Download the Sector analyse file (open format) from site for the relevant session as shown below. 

1) Select Event:

2) Click on "Show Exports":

3) Choose the sector analyse file (open format - CSV) for the session you want to import:

4) In HH Timing, choose TimeService as file format in "Import T&S Data" and select the CSV file.

Track Maps

The track maps for each events needs to be selected in the Asian Le Mans Series Folder:


This season, there will be only one qualifying session setting the grid for 2 races. The quickest laptime of each car determines the order for race 1, the 2nd quickest for race 2.
You can create two main scoreboards to deal with that. The first one order by Best, as usual and the second order by "Worst in Best 2". 

1) Set "X best laps quantity" to 2 in File>Options

2) Add the column "Worst in Best \x" in your scoreboard.

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