FIA GT World Cup Macau - 2019

Timing provider

The timing at the FIA GT World Cup Macau will be provided by ITS Chrono.

If you which to receive the timing feed, you will have to contact ITS Chrono to get an API Key.

Championship configuration

  • Protocol: TSL Timing
  • Host:
  • ChampionshipId: gpmacao
  • SeasonId: 2019
  • EventId: gpmacau
  • SessionId: auto (for live) or the session number for replays

Be Careful, all fields are case sensitive!

Track layout

The Macau GP track map is listed in HH Timing under "Other". General information on using the Main Track Map can be   found here. Information on setting the up the car following and "track map ghosts" can be found here.

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