Project Tree - Components

The Components tree item is shown below in its collapsed state.

Car Configuration

Once any Data has been loaded into the project the car numbers in that data will be listed in the Car Configuration as shown below. Double clicking on a car in this list is one way to open a Car Scoreboard for that car.

Category Configuration

The categories for all the car numbers in the project (as defined in the timing data) are listed in the Category Configuration.

Double clicking on a category opens its options where you can define a new category colour that will be used throughout the software.

Tyre Manufacturer

By default Dunlop and Michelin tyres are defined in the software. The tyre manufacturer for each car isn't usually included in the timing feed information, but can be assigned manually in the Car Options if needed. These values can be used to colour the cars in the track maps if required.

Car Filters

Car Filters that have been created are listed here.


A Default Track is always present in a project when a new project is generated. Any additional Track Items that are generated are shown in the Track list.

Note that the track in bold is the active track in the software. To Activate, right click and select Activate.

Championship Configuration

The Championship Configuration is where championship specific information is defined including the timing protocol and connection details. The Championship Configurations shown below are shown by default, whichever is bold is currently active. To Activate a Championship Configuration, right click and select Activate.

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