Ribbon Bar - Components


Add New

Add new car to the project

Filter Tree

Configure filter method

Add Filter

Define new filter

Car Options

Customise car colours, line styles etc. These settings apply globally within the software.


Add New

Define new Car Category. Can be useful if wanting to group certain categories together in a different way to how they are defined in the timing data.

Tyre Manufacturer

Define custom tyre manufacturers that can be assigned to cars.


Add New

Define new Track Item. Allows track specific settings to be stored within the relevant Track Item.


Import a Track Item from another project.

Select Contour

Select the track contour (track map) that will apply to the Track Item that is currently active.


Add New

Make new Championship Item. Championship Items are used to define the timing protocol and network configuration for a live connection as well as other championship specific settings.


Import a championship Item from another project.

Select Active

Open currently active Championship Item.

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