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Website Navigation

The website navigation is done via a tree located on the left-hand side:

The options available in the tree are dependent on the user permission level.

HH Timing Release Version

The latest release of HH Timing is available by accessing the Releases Tab:

The latest available HH Timing version is displayed by default and can be downloaded.

The latest released version of HH Timing is always available using the following link:

Older versions

Older versions can be found using the Version selection on each of the downloads:

Release type


Required releases consist of major changes to the software such as a new database schema to incorporate new features. Previous versions would most likely either not work, or put the software in an unstable state.


Recommended releases fix important parts of the software or major bugs. The software will work without the update but it is better to update the next time that you close the software. 


Optional releases are minor improvements of the software or feature additions.

License Keys

The license keys for the account are available by accessing the  License Keys tab:

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