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This section of the website is only accessible by Account Admin users

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The user section is accessible on the website under the Admin sub-section:

User type

There are two user types for the website:

Account Admin Add/remove users, release plugins
User Can access the latest versions of all software that are available on the account, access license key

Add new user

From the user list, an Account Admin can Add New User from the button on the top right of the screen:

A new window will open where information about the users needs to be filled in:

Email Address Make sure to select a functioning email address as the initial email to set the password will be sent to this address
Display Name The display name is used on the website to reference a
Permission Level Account Admin / User

Edit user

From the user list, the Account Admin can edit a user by clicking on Edit User:

Remove user

From the user list, the Account Admin can remove a user by clicking on Remove User:

Make sure to always keep a minimum of one Account Admin user to be able to log back into the admin section of the website.

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