Scoreboards - General

Scoreboards are one of the main display types available in HH Timing. There are some features that are common to the scoreboards which are detailed in this section.

Car Ranking

Each scoreboard will be ranked by either best time (in a timed session) or distance completed (for a race) by default. Clicking on any of the header names will re-order the scoreboard from lowest to highest value for that column, Clicking again will change the rank from highest to lowest value.

Car Highlighting

To help find specific cars in the scoreboards they can be coloured by their defined colour. This can be done by double clicking on only the cars in the scoreboard you wish to highlight or using the Highlight All Rows button in the ribbon bar control shown below,

Font Control

To optimize the space on a screen depending on the physical size and resolution a font control is supplied in the ribbon bar control for the scoreboards. Here the size and font of the scoreboard text can be controlled.

Time Format

The time format shown in the scoreboard is set to m:ss.0 by default. This can be manually overridden to show values in seconds which can helpful when using the data for calculations or comparing to another data source.

CSV Export

Data from any of the scoreboards can be exported to CSV for external analysis by using the CSV Export button in the ribbon bar. Note that you can also manually copy/paste from the scoreboard by highlighting values and Ctrl+C.


Scoreboards can be filtered by class or car number.

Delta with Heat Map

Heat maps can be applied to most Scoreboard columns using a right click. The value that is right clicked is set as the reference value and all other values on that column will be shown as a delta to the reference value.

Single Right Click

  • Single right right clicking once shows the delta value form
  • Single right right clicking a second time shows the delta in %
  • Single right right clicking a third time removes the delta from the column

Double Right Click

  • Double right clicking once sets all columns in the scoreboard to delta value form
  • Double right clicking a second time sets all columns in the scoreboard to delta in %
  • Double right clicking a third time removes the delta from all columns

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