Scoreboards - Car Scoreboard

The car scoreboard gives various information about a specific car. 

A car scoreboard can be created:

  • from the project tree by double-clicking on a specific car under COMPETITORS/Car Configuration

  • by using the Car Stopwatch on the ribbon bar

  • by double-clicking on the car # on the strategy overview

The car selected can be changed directly in the ribbon bar:

The multiple tabs represents the different options included in the car scoreboard.

All Laps

Complete list of laps completed by the car during the session.

  • IN laps coloured red
  • OUT laps coloured blue 
  • FCY and SC laps coloured yellow

PURPLE highlighted cells are best overall, ORANGE highlighted cells are best for the category, GREEN highlighted cells are the best for the car and CYAN highlighted cells are the best for a specific driver. This colour convention can be customized in the options.

Best Laps

Best Laps is a summary of driver performance for the selected car. Columns displayed are best lap time, the lap when the best lap time was done, the best theoretical lap time as well as all the best sector times and trap speed(s).

Pit Stops

Pit Stops is a summary of all the time the selected car entered the pit lane. The columns are the lap at which the pit stops occurred, the amount of time the car stayed in pit lane, the time at which the pit stop happened, the driver in the car before the pit stop and the driver in the car after the pit stop. The last column is a threshold based on the user input value that define the time that requires to only fuel the car and the time that requires to fuel the car and change 4 tyres. This last column is used for endurance racing only.


Stints is a summary of each stint from a performance perspective.


Summary of the total driving time for each driver.

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