Scoreboards - Pit Stop Scoreboard

Each pit stop is summarized for every car in the session. Pit #1 is the last stint for each car.

For each pit stop we have the following information:

  • Lap number of when the pit stop occurred
  • The stop time (from Pit-In to Pit-Out).
  • The In lap time (from S/F on track to Pit-In)
  • The Out lap time (from Pit-Out to S/F on track)
  • The elapsed time at Pit-In

Pit stop marked with "[ ]" are pit stop done under S/C or FCY period.

Stationary Time Option

There is an option in the Ribbon Bar to display the calculated "Stationary time" instead of the pit lane time:

This uses the "Pit Lane Stop & Go Time" from the track item parameters.

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