Track Maps - Gap Track Map

The gap map shows the position of each car on the track relative to the reference car, based on the time gap between the cars. The reference car is shown at 0 seconds (by default, in the middle of the map).

Cars on the same lap as the reference car are shown with a square number icon, cars on a different lap are shown with a circular number icon.

Under green flag (or local yellow) conditions the map is updated every 0.1 seconds. In between sector crossings the gap between two cars is estimated based on the lap time difference between the two cars. At each sector crossing, the positions are updated based on the actual gap between the cars. Under safety car conditions, the gaps between the cars are not estimated between sector crossings and remain constant. The gap map is not functional during the first lap of a session.

The reference car can be changed, but please note that each car will need to cross the next sector line before all of the information on the map will be correct. The range of the map (in front and behind) can also be changed - this will update immediately.

Blue Flag Warning

The blue flag warning is designed to notify if a car is catching the reference car at a high enough rate that it is from a faster class. A visual and/or audible warning can be given which can be selected in the ribbon bar control.

The criteria for the blue flag warning to be active for an approaching car is: 

  • The gap to be within a user defined threshold
  • The rate of closure is above a user defined threshold

By default the rate of closure is set at 0.03 seconds per second, but is user definable. On a 120 second lap, this gives a lap time difference of 3.6 seconds which should be sufficient to separate LMP1 and LMP2 cars, for example.

Traffic ahead on gap track map

On the Gap track map, you can now "predict" future lap positioning on track. This can be useful to plan pit stops with traffic. This feature is especially valuable with different categories on track but could be use in Indycar on high degradation track.

This is controlled from the option in the ribbon bar:

This feature is currently using the assumed pace for calculation.

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