There are four types of replay file:

  • Replays recorded by HH Timing with your current project
  • Replays recorded by HH Timing with another project than the one out are using
  • Replays published by a series
  • Replays created from data published by a series

Replays Recorded with Current Project

Any time HH Timing is connected to a live data feed the data is being stored in the project database so that it can be replayed later. To replay right click and select Replay.

Replays Recorded with Another Project

Replays can be exported from one project and replayed in another. To export a replay from the project that recorded the data, right click the session and select Export. In the project you want to run the replay in, click Load Replay in the Data tab. 

Ensure that when you are attempting to replay timing data from another project, that the same Protocol is active in the current project as was used to record the replay originally.

Replays Published by a Series

Currently the only series that supplies replays IMSA. These are available as .txt files that can be downloaded from the IMSA timing and scoring website. Click Load Replay in the Data tab and navigate to the downloaded .txt file.

Replays Created from Series Data

For Blancpain races HH Development can reconstruct replay files from the published data from Swiss Timing. The required data files can be either downloaded from the FTP Server at the event.

Historical Race Replay Files

HH Development keeps a collection of previous race replay files for most major endurance series. If you are looking for a specific replay file, get in touch with us to see if we have what you need.

Controlling Replays

Once a replay file is running, the speed of the replay can be controlled as well as paused/played with the controls shown below which appear in the lower right corner of the screen. The software can skip to the end of the replay file if you are only interested in the final result using the blue button. Skipping to the end can take some time depending on the data format, number of cars, race length and computer performance, the replay will generally skip to the end within one minute.

There is an option in the Session Settings called "Disable race finish calculations". Checking this box prevents the software from making forward calculations. This can be helpful to speed up the software when trying to fast froward through a replay to a given point by reducing the computational load. Remember to un-check this box before using the software for a race, otherwise the forward strategy calculations will not be shown.

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