Scoreboard Live Excel Exports

It is possible to export data to an Excel sheet from both the Main Scoreboard and the Driver Scoreboard. This is a separate function from that of the Live Excel Export function which is more generalised. The scoreboard Excel exports simply sends a copy the scoreboard to the specified Excel sheet every 10 seconds.

In the case of the Main Scoreboard, using the Column Config to customise what is shown, a huge range of data is able to be passed to an external Excel sheet. The Driver Scoreboard Excel export would typically be used to perform driving time calculations for the entire field to automatically identify driving time infringements for the whole field.

The export can be configured in the ribbon bar control for the relevant scoreboard as highlighted below:

Clicking on the Configuration button opens the following display where the Excel workbook path, worksheet name and row/column positions are input.

Clicking Start Export then starts the export.

Note that multiple Excel exports can be run simultaneously if required.


To export the Main Scoreboard in its default configuration:

Once exported to the Excel sheet of choice with the default row/column settings will look as below:

This information can then be used for calculations of the user's definition as required.

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