How do I?

How to run a replay?

See the replay section.

How to follow/highlight a car on track map?

See the car following section.

How to show and set the pit stop ghost cars?

See the car following section.

How to highlight cars in scoreboards?

Double click the car of interest.

How to change the colours of the cars?

Go to the Components tab and click Car Options.

How to use time limited stint lengths for the strategy predictions (Blancpain etc)?

See the fixed stint lengths section.

How to customize and add/remove columns in the main scoreboard

Click the Column Config button in the ribbon bar control for the Main Scoreboard.

How to show deltas with a heat map in scoreboards

Single right click the cell you want to make the reference for an absolute reference.

Single right click the same cell a second time to show the delta in percentage.

Single right click the cell a third time to remove the delta.

Double right clicking in the same pattern converts all values that are relevant to show deltas for to a delta value.

How to apply a filter to displays

See the filtering section.