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Live Data Connection


3 type of connections will be available:

Both Al Kamel V2 connections will perform the same and use the exact same protocol. Currently, it is our understanding than none of the extended feature of this protocol available in other series (GPS information and additional sector line) will be available.

We are also expecting that the replay with all the sector lines to be available in the IMSA Timing protocol post-event.

To connect live to an IMSA event, you need to setup your championship configuration with the following parameters:


ProtocolIMSA Timing

Additional Option

It happens that some wrong best lap time correction message get send on the IMSA Timing protocol. This can lead to laps not being displayed when replaying/activating a session. If this is the case the option can be set to True. By default, the option is at False.

Additional Sectors


In the Additional Options, you can now create your own sectors, using the timing lines names. For example, at Daytona, timelines names are: On Track:T1,T3,T4 In Pits: P5,P1,P2

You can choose the name you want, but the value should be Entry Timeline;Exit Timeline. For example if you want to create a sector from SF Line to Pit Entry, you will need to enter T1;P5 as value:

Championship Filter

For any series, it is possible to filter the session that gets recorded on a project by using the Championship filter.

For example, for 2022 and for the IWSC championship, it is possible to use the following settings:

Championship Filter EnabledTrue
Allow StringIWSC

This settings would only "allow" session that have the word "IWSC" in them. This would block any session that doesn't contain the word "IWSC" like all the IMPC or LMPC series for example. The advantage to use a championship filter is that your project stays "clean" of any other series categories and car information.

Championship Regulations

For 2022, the championship regulations should be set as follow:

Fuel and Tires in ParallelTrue

Post Session Replays

Normally, on Tuesday at 12:00PM EST following an event, replays with all the sectors are made available at

The replays are available in the "CSV and Replay" section:

After downloading the files and unzipping the file you should find two files:

  • .txt which is the replay of the session.
  • .csv which is explain below.

Post Session CSVs Data Import

2 types of CSVs can be imported in HH Timing using the Import T&S Data function.

Alkamel "Time cards"

This file can be download directly following a session on inside a specific session. This files only contains the 3 sectors information.

This file can be imported using the IMSA AlKamel file format and using the appropriate Timed or Race option.


The IMSA CSVs replays are available in the "CSV and Replay" section normally, on Tuesday at 12:00PM EST following an event. Those files contains all sectors available on track:

This file can be imported using the IMSA Timing file format and using the appropriate Timed or Race option:

Track Maps


The track maps for each events needs to be selected in the IMSA 3 Sectors Folder:


The most recent track map is the one without a year attached to it. Previous year tracks, if different would have the year added at the end. For example:

Daytona_3SectorsCurrent Track (used in 2022)
Daytona_3Sectors_2019Track used in 2019 and in previous years

24H at Daytona

Track map

For live sessions, the track map to use at Daytona is found in the IMSA 3 sectors folder and it is named Daytona_3Sectors:

HH Timing Settings

Backstage settings

Tips and Tricks

Strategy Overview Annotations

For longer race you can use the Annotations section of the strategy overview to display important milestone and information for your race.

Here is an example of what your overview could look like:

Displayed on this overview are:

  • a reminder of the Endurance Cup points
  • two areas to remind that Oils needs to be added to the car

Here is how the annotations section is defined: