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The Natsoft protocol is used exclusively in Australia. Championships that use Natsoft include:

  • Australian Supercars
  • Australian GT
  • Bathurst round of IGTC

To connect to a live Natsoft feed you will first need to obtain the Host and Port number from the timekeepers and enter into the championship configuration.

To run a replay of Natsoft data, the Host and Port number are not required but you do need to first create the championship.


The use of microsectors is optional but when they are available from the timing feed they need to be entered in pairs as a semicolon/comma separated list.

As an example is there were four microsectors available at a circuit and the timing lines that defined them were:

  • Finish Line to Position 1
  • Position 1 to Interval 1
  • Interval 1 to Position 3
  • Position 3 to Finish Line

The microsector string would be: I3,P1;P1,I1;I1,P3;P3,I3

You should check with the time keeper for which sector lines are available for the event you are taking part in as they are track specific.


The user can decide to use the Micro Sectors as main sectors instead of the regular S1/S2/S3. To do switch the option in the additional options to True

In addition, the user would need to select the correct map contour:

Control Line At Pit Out

With Natsoft protocol, the control line is either at Pit in or at Pit out. For example at Bathurst it is at Pit In. It is important to set the parameter correctly in the championship config to have correct IN and OUT lap time and ranking during practices: