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Each window in HH Timing is called a workbook. Multiple workbooks can be created to support multi-monitor setups or to allow cycling through different windows on a single screen setup.

Workbook overview

Each workbook consists of five major sections:

  1. the ribbon bar, at the top
  2. the project tree, on the left
  3. the status bar, at the bottom
  4. the main workspace
  5. the backstage

The project tree can be hidden by clicking the vertical divider that separates it from the main workspace.

Ribbon bar

The ribbon bar gives you quick access to the important functions in HH Timing. The ribbon bar is divided into different tabs, these are:

  1. Data
  2. Displays
  3. Components
  4. Reports
  5. Layout

Furthermore, each display that is visible in the work space will create its own ribbon bar tab if it has any options available. This gives you a consistent user interface for the options of each display. The contents of these ribbon bars are explained in the section for each individual display.


Double clicking on the tabs on the ribbon bar will hide the ribbon bar to give you more screen space. Pressing F12 collapses all header to give the user even more usable screen space.