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Our 2023 November release includes many improvements to HH Timing. Many of these were requested by you, so thanks for continuously sharing your feedback and ideas!

As usual, if you have any questions or issues with the release please contact us using

Help file

Recently we have released a new help file. The address remains unchanged We have made changes on our side so the help file will receive more regular updates in parallel to the development.

For each version, we will have a post in this section to describe every new feature and major changes to the software.

HH Timing replay database

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One of the major improvements for this version is the incorporation of a replay database directly within HH Timing. This will allow users to get access and run past replays from the software.

HH Timing replay database

HH Timing replay database example


This service is currently only available for selected series and events but the list will expand over time.

Race calculation on car scoreboard

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Future laps based on the race calculation parameters can now be displayed directly in the car scoreboard. This option was designed to help with decision making live during the race and also validate that all parameters have been entered properly in the software.

Car scoreboard example with future laps


GPS Speed

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We have reworked our GPS speed graphs section. Mainly we have adapted the default settings to be best suited for endurance racing and Alkamel protocol. The help file has been reworked as well to better explain each settings and to use the feature.

GPS Speed Example - WEC Fuji 2023

Retired status

The status of retired car will be displayed in the Status column of the main scoreboard:

Focus on reference car

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There is now an option to zoom on a car on the track map:

The track map will then follow the selected car around the track:


This option is the most useful with GPS positioning live.

Track limit

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A new display was added called Track Limit warning:

This display helps with the monitoring of track limits for specific series.

Track limit counters were also added to the main scoreboard and the driver scoreboard.

Also laps invalidated are now recorded and the scoreboard and ranking are also updated accordingly.

Live crossing order

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We have added the gap for the ghost cars by showing the expected time to the car in front and to the car behind.

Lap analysis scoreboard

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In the lap analysis scoreboard we can now display the position of the reference car for the lap time and each sector instead of the time itself. The position is either taken in relation to all cars or just the displayed cars. This allows to compare the ranking for an entire category or a manufacturer:

Main scoreboard past sectors

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We have added a new option in the Scoreboard backstage option to reset all sectors following a lap:

The idea behind it is to simplify the scoreboard view especially in a series with a lot of sectors.

Example with the option set at False:

Example with the option set at True:

Car off track improvement

There is now the option to play with the speed detection for the car off track when used with GPS mode:

By default the value is set at 40 kph.

There is also an option on the full track map to not activate the spotter mode. When off, cars detected by the car off track control won't show with an arrow on the full track map:

Championship scoreboard for IMSA and WEC

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There is now an option to display manufacturer championship points in the championship point scoreboard:


Workbook name

The name of the windows widget is now "Workbook Name - Project Name" instead of "Project Name - Workbook Name". It is now possible to view the workbook name when selecting it from the taskbar:

Apply filter to all controls

We have added an option to apply a filter to all controls (scoreboards and maps):

Protocol sanity check

When loading a replay, there is now a check in case the championship configuration activated is not compatible with the replay file: